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Teen Driving
Teen DrivingCourses
Once you attend our Teen classes it’s easy to know why so many students transfer to us from other Driving Programs. Many things set Alamo Center Driving School apart from other Driving Schools, experience, patience, understanding, and flexible schedules for in-car lessons just to name a few. Our students benefit from another important advantage, instructors that are carefully hand selected coming from all walks of life including, coaches, retired police officers and teachers. Come see us, or call for more information, we’re confident you’ll see the difference so many others have.

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Adult Driving
Adult DrivingCourses
We serve a large number of Adult Drivers annually at Alamo Center Driving School. Our Instructors attend school for up to 3 years while they prepare for their certification. Hundreds of Adults attend our school annually, so if you’ve found yourself wanting independence, or simply relocating from another country our Instructors are very experienced in making you feel comfortable, and confident while helping you prepare for your Texas State Certified driving test. In Fact, unlike some Driving Schools, our instructors are certified to administer the written DPS exams on-site.

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DefensiveDriving Courses
Did you know that you can request Defensive Driving Courses ( also known as Traffic Ticket Dismissal ) to avoid unnecessary annual surcharges due to tickets accumulating on your driving record? Defensive Driving Courses can also lower your annual automobile insurance rates while making you more prepared and confident while traveling all of life’s roads.

Rest assured, when you select Alamo Center Driving School you’ll be prepared while being assisted with courtesy, respect and patience.

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Did You Know?

Texas law requires persons under 18 years of age to successfully complete a state-approved course in driver education before they are eligible to receive driver licenses. Alamo Center Driving School has been helping San Antonio drivers complete these courses as quickly and affordably as possible for many years. Give us a call today and see how we can help you. (210) 824-5537

  • Phase I: This is the 32 hour classroom phase of teen driver education that is as required by the Texas Education Agency.
  • Phase II: This course includes 7 hours of Driving Instruction and 7 hours of In-Class instruction.
  • Phase I & II: Alamo Center Driving School offers a discount of over $100 when you register for Phase I & Phase II package. This combination includes all instruction required by Texas law to be qualified to take your Driver’s Test.
    • 32 hours of classroom theory
    • 7 hours of in-car observation / driving instruction

    Parent/guardian requirement:
    Behind-the-Wheel Instruction Log 30 hours
    (CLICK HERE to download document)

  • Feel like you or your teen need just a little more practice and instruction? We understand and have Personal Instructors waiting to help you feel as confident as possible that you or your teen are as prepared and skilled as possible.

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